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    Australia - Home of the pegwarmers :(
    No store near me has POTF2 figures

    But we have heaps of Skiffs but wrong section meesa thinks
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    there are some commtech Han Solo at the TRU where i live.

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    Red face

    POTF2 at Target: kaput

    Wal-Mart: 12 inch Panda Baba, and I believe it is Luke in Stormtrooper gear (I don't collect the 12 inch, so I dunno)

    TRU: A lone Emperor F/X has been warming 1 of the 4 area TRU's peg for months. Don't know if anyone has claimed it, haven't been there in a month. Also 12 inch Chewies.

    K-mart: has left the building.

    Kay-Bee: Probably the most POTF2. Has quite a few Emperor Walking sticks. Oodles of Cinema Skiff Guards, but only a smattering of Cantina Aliens left. Also have seen a few Rebel Pilots three pack, but they are disappearing. Also at a Kay-Bee outlet closeout there are tons of the above mentioned plus Slave and Endor Leias, and General Lando. Also the Epic Forces 3-CP0.

    Rite-Aid: Have seen Ugnaughts 2 pack, 8D8? (the smelter droid in Jabba's Palace) a Biggs Darklighter, a Bossk, a Gamorrean Guard, and a 2 pack Ewoks. $7.99 apiece is pretty steep though.
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    At the locat SW store i go, they have almost everything!! So i can see the skiff guards, rebel pilots, Sail Skiff, it, they have almost everything!!
    As always...........L

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    All I've seen of late are Endor Leia, Mon Mothma, Emperor #1, a Floppy Hat Luke with the Flashback Card removed, and Skiff Guards. Though Malakili and Saelt Marae would still be around if Wal-Mart hadn't marked them down to $.25 each!
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