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    Death Star Trooper rocks

    I just got a Death Star Trooper and riped him outta the package. I know some of you hated this figure. But its very cool and goes well with my loose anh collection on standing display. I'm so happy with this figure. i love the helmet. so cool..


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    I'd like this figure more if it didn't have such extremely-posed limbs, the guy looks like he's running a race against the POTF2 Lobot figure.
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    He looks like he's moonwalking......or jogging around a corner or something. I like the figure, but I would LOVE it if the leg pose wasn't so weird.
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    he's just starting to walk towards someone and drawing his gun that's all. Granted he would look better with a redone lower bottom and legs.
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    I love this figure! I've always wanted one since the vintage days. The "Death Squad Commander" was cool, but pretty far from accurate sculpt-wise.

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    I like the figure. I would LOVE it if he wasn't doing the running man.
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    I wasn't fortunate enough to find the DS Trooper when he was in the stores; my buddy was. After saving some money, I finally ordered two from an on-line toy company. I should receive them in a week or so.

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    This guy needs a rerelease with knee articulation like that of the TIE Bomber Pilot. Maybe some elbow articulation, while they're at it.

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    Originally posted by Twodot Tatooine
    This guy needs a rerelease with knee articulation like that of the TIE Bomber Pilot. Maybe some elbow articulation, while they're at it.
    He is being re-released. He is in the Death Star Accessory pack. It will be a Target Exclusive. From the pictures I've seen of it, I can't tell if they fixed the legs. I doubt they did.
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    What's funny is that will run down scalper prices cause of the people that want loose ones can just buy the accessory pack, he still comes with his Bantha rifle in the pack.
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