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Thread: About Jango...

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    About Jango...

    Why was he even on Geonosis, anyway, if it's because he's in some sort of cahoots with Count Dooku, why didn't he tell Dooku about the clone army the Republic was assembling from his very own genetic structure?

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    dooku is in on it...
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    He went to his last employer, Nute.
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    yes, their is a lot of deception in Ep 2. Dooku knows what is happening because he and Sideous are the masterminds. And Dooku was Jangos employer saladin, not Nute. :"I was hired by a man called Tyrannus"; or something like that.
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    All Jango was told in his job description was probably: "We need your DNA for cloning purposes, and we're willing to pay you ________$ for it. Deal?"

    It's possible Jango didn't know who the clones were for.

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    Jango absolutely knew who the clones were for, think back on his discussion with Obi-Wan, "They'll do their job well." Jango already knew what their job was.

    Also, Jango was hired by Nute Gunray, the job was to kill Senator Padme. Since this job was relatively short-term rather than the long-term job he had with Dooku and it benefitted Sidious' plan, this is probably why Dooku allowed Jango to go on this job.
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    Hmm. I just assumed he meant they'll do what they're designed for. If they had been made to work on spice mines, or something of the like, he could have said "They'll do their job well" and meant it in just that context. But I can see where you're coming from.

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    Jango is just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe. I think he is out for one person,himself. He gets his money anyway and from anyone he can. He was probley paid by the Jedi master who had died over 10 years ago who ordered the clones in the 1st place.
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    I agree that Jango knew what they were for . . . it's partly why the scene works for me, the way Fett tells Obi-Wan the absolute truth (although dripping with sarcasm) without Kenobi realizing just how right Jango was.


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