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    Not enough known aliens for me.

    Guess what a post by me not about droids. But really why not more known aliens. Lucas keeps creating new ones and neglecting the old ones. I mean give me a Jedi Wookie, or Rodan, or Mon Calmari. Or even better, how about a Hutt( that would have been interesting). I would have like to see more of the old races more prominently displayed in AOTC. I know some were in the backgrounds, but why hide them.
    And where is my durn R5D4?

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    It's a big galaxy, so just cause an alien race appears in one movie, doesn't mean they have to appear in all. For your info, AOTC's had quite a few OT and E1 aliens in prominant as well as background roles.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    I'm with Droidlover, the SW universe was already quote diverse just with the cantina scene alone, weren't there enough interesting aliens in that and Jabba's palace to recycle into the prequels... and then some?

    Nikto did appear as a toy in Ep 2 though.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    What we have isn't bad...


    Yarua, Wookiee Senator
    Wald, Rodian Child
    Greedo, Rodian Child
    Tikkes, Mon Calamari Senator
    Tessek, Mon Calamari Senator
    Pacithhip, Tatooine Resident
    Orn Free Taa, Twi'lek Senator
    Miela, Orn's Consort
    Gardulla the Hutt
    Jabba the Hutt


    Orn (plus Pampy and Supi)
    Tikkes, Quarren Separatist
    Weequay Jedi
    Nikto Jedi
    Arcona (Marquee)
    Bith (Marquee)
    Gotal-influenced Nightclub patron

    If George used more, others would say he wasn't being creative enough. So if you want more OT alien involvement, stick a lightsaber in Amanaman or Tessek's hand and put them in your Jedi display.
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    I agree that the new films seem to be pushing OT characters into the background. But to be fair, we are visiting new planets in a very large galaxy.

    A Hutt jedi would be class.

    Also a visit to Mon Calamari in ep3 would be excellent.
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    I want a Twi'lek jedi. They are awsome loking and would love one.Also a Devarian would look really sweet.
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    well, the upcoming Aayla Secura fig takes care of the twilek, but im not sure if ill be happy until all the Arena jedi get made, if it even happens. The idea of a Hutt jedi though, thats interesting.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....a Hutt Jedi......Who is smoking that crack!?!?

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    I disagree. I think Lucas needs more new aliens. It seems like a lot of the background or extra aliens are all the same species recycled over and over again. Another thing Lucas should do is get away from the two arms, two legs, for every single alien. Not every alien would look like that!

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    I think if GL were to stick more OT aliens in the prequels he would be blasted for lack of imagination. Besides if he were to stick with only pre-designed aliens then Star Wars would become like Star Trek and the "Geez, do we have to watch ANOTHER episode about Klingons?" problem that I've always had with it.

    GL knows that he is going to be criticized no matter what he does and some fans will never be satisfied so he does what anyone with an ounce of sense would do: ignores the fans and does what he wants. Good idea, George.
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