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    Best C3P0 and Best R2-D2

    What do you consider the best C3PO that represents ANH
    and what R2D2 do think represents ANH best

    I would have to say flashback c3po and commtech r2d2


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    i agree.
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    Is the flashback 3PO the one with the removable limbs?
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    Nope. The Flashback 3-PO only has a removable arm. The one you are refering to is the POTF2 Freeze Frame.C-3PO w/Removable Limbs & Cargo Net.

    My favs:
    - POTF2 C-3PO w/Removable Limbs & Cargo Net.
    - POTF2 CommTech R2-D2 w/Holo Leia.

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    I agree on commtech R2.

    My favorite 3PO, though, is the deluxe TRU exclusive that came with the coin, and has the silver leg.

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    I like the commtech R2, and the flashback 3po
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    R2-D2 with Leia and it's a tie for me between C-3PO with Cargo Net and removeable limbs and the 3PO that came with the coin.
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    MMC C-3PO is my favorite version of this character.

    I don't have one favorite R2-D2 figure in this scale (in 12"-scale, it's R2 w/ tools), but the Ep 1 version and the CTC version are up near the top of my list (though I also like the POTJ figure, the one with tools, and now the Ep 2 version). To be honest though, while each embodies something great about one of the best SW characters, none of them really are as close to the real mccoy - yet compared to the 12"-scale one.
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    Compared to the 12", none of the 3 3/4" have any chance.

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    The fx r2 and the removable limbs C3P0 are mine.
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