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    Lightbulb wheres my Bongo?

    hasbro I think it's time we finally get a Bongo sub with a Jar Jar pack in.woh agrees?
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    I concur, I have been calling for the Bongo for sometime. And the best Pack in would be Jar Jar, as we have soft good skirts on Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon already. But Jar Jar would need one as well, to sit in the Bongo. Hopefully, we will see it produced in a year or two, most likely as a retailer exclusive.

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    I'm in as long as it's the subdued/calmed jar-jar...

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    Me too! But i want it to be big and have electronics!

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    (waves hand at Hasbro) You will make us a Bongo.
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    Yes, and make it sea worthy!

    I want one too. They should make it a water toy, just floating not submersible. Plus it shoukd have some kind of wind up function so that the tail spins and propels it.


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    What does a little man pointing his giant silver finger towards the ground have to do with?
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    i think it's his ax, actually. how that relates to the topic, i still don't know.
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    I think it's supposed to mean he wants the thing really bad and they'd better make it soon or otherwise my axe will make another, more violent, movement.

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    i think the bongo would be a well welcomed vehicle.
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