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    Post Figures I want that have never been made before!

    Here are some that I would like made into action figures,they probably won't cause most of them are secondary figures and background fill-ups,but I'll post them nevertheless:


    The Naboo security guard (that looks like he's Italian sharp-shooter figure),his name is:Officer Perosel./Has already been made into an action figure.
    Officer Dolphe: Bravo 2.(the yellow Naboo fighters are coded "Bravo")
    Lt.Arven Wendk:Bravo 3/African origin pilot
    Lt.Rya Kirsch:Bravo 4/caucasian,fat,bearded guy that reminds me of Jek Porkins.
    Ellberger:Bravo 5/caucasian female
    Dams Denna:Herdmaster at Theed/takes care of the Eopie.
    Gungan General: Has to be made into an action figure,comes with a battle horn.
    Jerus Dannick: Royal Security
    Bok Askol:Pacithtip
    Captain Daultay Dofine:Neimodian
    Rayno Vaca:Coruscant taxi driver/really cool charachter.
    Sil Unch: Neimodian droid control ship officer
    Horace Vancil:Amidala's Advisor
    Thok & Thug: Gammorean Guards for Jabba
    Captain Madakor:Republic officer/pilots the Radiant VII/Female
    Lt.Williams: Co-pilots the Radiant VII
    Freon Drevan: Xexto
    Horox Ryyder: Anx senator
    Liana Merian:Alderaan senator
    Murr Danod: Ithorian smuggler
    Saché: Handmaiden
    Sei Taria:Valorums Administrator
    Tendau Bendon:Ithorian senator
    Yané: Handmaiden
    Yarua:Senior Wookie Senator
    Baskol Yeesrim: Gran senator
    Chokk: Jabba's Klatooinian bodyguard & explosives expert.
    Edcel Bar Gane:Roona senator
    Gardulla the Hutt: Gangster
    Lott Dodd: Neimodian senator
    Ann & Tann Gella: Sebulba's attendants
    Neimodian senatorial aide: w/smaller hat than the others,has to be made.
    Diva Shaliqua:Jabba's dancer
    Diva Funquita:Jabba's dancer
    Aehrrley Rue: Freelance pilot and smuggler
    Rum Sleg: Bounty hunter
    Meddun:Kajain'sa'Nikto mercenary
    Corix Venne: Bith
    Gragra:Swokes Swokes
    Yeb Yeb Adem'Thorn: Swokes Swokes Senator
    Toonbuck Toora:Sy Mirth senator
    Tikkes:Quarren senator
    Tey How:Neimodian communications officer/the one with the goggles and the mouth piece.Must to be made!!

    New Hope:

    Takeel: Snivian mercenary/has already been made,but cool nevertheless.
    R1-G4: Old model Astrocech droid/greenish color: Tattooine.
    Prophetess: Tatooine female
    Nevar Yalnal:Ranat that works for the Saurin Hrcheck
    Hrcheck Hal Fas: Saurin droid trader
    Sai'torr Kal Fas: bodyguard of Hrceck
    Myo: Abyssin warrior/cycloptic
    M'iiyoom Onith: Female H'nemthe
    Kitik Keed'kak: female Yam'rii
    Ket Maliss:Prince Xizor's "shadow killer"/such a cool figure.
    Feltipern Trewagg:Gotal bounty hunter
    Elis Helrot:Givin smuggler
    EG-6:Gonk droid
    Djas Puhr: Sakiyan Bounty hunter/already made figure
    Baniss Keeg: Duro pilot
    Yerka Mig: Fugitive officer from the Empire
    Wioslea:Vuvrian female: trader in Mos Eisley
    WED-9-M1 "Bantha" droid: Tatooine
    Rycar Ryjerd: Humanoid Bimm trader/cantina patron
    R4-E1:companion to BoShek.
    Mantellian Savrip: Dejarik hologram creature
    LIN-V8K: armored mining/demolition droid: Jawa trade.
    Leesub Sirln: Qiraash female: cantina patron
    Kal'Falnl C'ndros: female Quor'sav: 3.5 meter tall,you can see only her legs when Luke trades in his speeder.
    Dice Ibegon: Florn Lamproid: Cantina
    Debnoli: human cantina patron:ugly looking bald headed guy.
    Harc Seff:Ishi Tib
    Neb Dulo: Tocoya/cool alien
    Boelo: Jabba's right hand man
    Gela Yeens:Jabba's debt collector
    Brangus Glee: Dor Narreth:Cantina
    Iasa: the Jawa that admired Luke's speeder
    IM4-099: Droid
    Nebit: Fierce Jawa warrior
    Makurth: Moltokian Black Sun employee
    Niado Duegad: Vodran Mercenary:Cantina
    Lirin Car'n: Bith Mercenary:Cantina
    Arleil Schous:not a wolfman,but a male Defel (wraith) who can't warp light anymore.
    Chall Bekan: Morseerian leader w/contacts to the Imperial government on Tatooine.
    Daroe: Jawa Imperial informant
    Brea & Senni Tonnika:Thives and spies
    Trinto Duaba: Stennes Shifter:Cantina
    Unut Poll:Arcona
    Brainiac: Siniteen pilot.
    Het Nkik:Jawa
    Solomahal: veteran Nimbanel officer of the Old Republic.
    Bom Vimdin: Advosze smuggler
    Dannik Jerriko: Anzati Assassin
    Thuku: Rodian bounty hunter
    Swilla Corey: Thief in the cantina
    Comm.Vancen Willard:Rebel officer
    U-3PO:with C-3PO & R2-D2 in the beginning of New Hope aboard Tantive....
    2X-3KPR: Border security droid for the Lars homestead:Has a lighted dome.
    R2-X2:assigned to Red 10 at Yavin
    Gen.Dodonna: Former Star Destroyer captain.
    Jon "Dutch" Vander:Gold Leader.
    Rebel honour guard: Galen Torg
    Lt.Wanton Chan:rebel pilot
    Garven Dreis: Red leader
    R4-M9: Imperial
    LIN-V8M:Armored military droid:Imperial
    Lt.Tanbris:Tactical officer aboard the Death Star.
    Gen.Tagge: Leader
    5D6-RA-7: Aide to Adm.Motti:droid
    Chief Bast:Aide to Grand Moff Tarkin.
    Comm.Praji: Vader's aide on the Devastator
    Col.Wullf Yularen: Imperial security Bureau officer:Emperor´s choice of officer/Way cool figure.

    Empire strike back:

    Gen.McQuarrie:Hoth general:Rebel
    Sgt.Hollis:Hoth Rebel
    Sgt.Edian:African origin,female Cloud city guard
    Tanizander Rey:Hoth deck officer:Rebel
    Zev Senesca: My favorite Rebel pilot/Rogue 2
    R-3PO:Hoth:has a tattoo reading "Thank the Maker" on left posterior plating.
    Ugloste: Ugnaught
    Wiorkettle: Snivian working in Cloud city
    Utris M'toc: Imzig cloud city trooper
    Treva Horme: Lutrillian female:Bespin
    Lt.Comm.Ardan: Commander of the Executor bridge
    Comm.Gherant: Deck officer at the Executor
    Lt:Cecius: Imperial
    E-3PO: The rude droid to C-3PO on Cloud city
    Capt.Bewill: Imperial
    Comm.Desanne: Imperial
    Comm.Brandei: Technical service officer at the Executor
    Officer Evax: Intelligence officer:Imperial
    WED15-17"Septoid" droid: Imperial
    R5-M2: Rebel droid
    Lt.Cabbel: 1st officer at the S.D.Tyrant
    Capt.Lennox: Captain at the S.D.Tyrant that says:"Our first catch of the day"/has to be made.
    FX-10: Imperial medical droid.
    RA-7: Imp.droid.

    Return of the Jedi and others:

    Boushh: bounty hunter/been made,another re-sculpt needed
    Bron Burs: Nentan:Rebel
    Tiree: rebel pilot/Gold 2
    R2-Q2: Grey & silver droid
    R5-A2: yellow droid
    Bren Quersey: Rebel pilot/Red 8
    Col.Feyn Gospic: Gen.Dodonna's chief strategic advisor
    Elyhek Rue: Rebel pilot/Red 7
    Hol Okand: Rebel pilot/Gold 6
    Lt.Lepira: Rebel pilot/Gold 4
    Lt.Naytaan: Rebel pilot/Red 9
    R3-A2: white and yellow w/clear dome
    R3-T2: white and purple w/ green dome
    Ryle Torsyn: Rebel pilot/Gold 3
    Theron Nett: Rebel pilot/Red 10
    R2-A5: white w/red trimmings
    EG-4: rebel droid
    R-3PO: Rebel droid
    Lobot: Former criminal,now Cloud city administrative/has to be made again in more natural position.
    Col.Cracken:Endor Rebel
    Col.Salm: Pilot:Leader of the gray squadron.
    Gen.Walex Blissex:A-wing designer.
    Keir Santage:Rebel pilot
    Tycho Celchu:Rebel pilot
    Maj.Panno: Dresselian rebel commando
    Lt: Telsij:Asian origin Y-wing pilot/mistakenly named Arvel Krynyd as a figure./make him again in a grey uniform,
    Maj.Haash'n: Mon Calamari master engineer
    1st officer Thaneespi: Mon Calamari
    Captain Verrack: Mon Calamari computer technician
    Capt.Godherdt: Imperial
    Col.Davod Jon:Imperial
    Janus Greejatus:Imp.Dignitary
    Sim Aloo:Imp.Dignitary
    Col.Dyer:Gets thrown down into the power shield generator in Endors bunker.
    Comm.Igar: Endors surface defense:Imperial
    Lt.Arnet:AT-ST pilot
    Lt.Watts:AT-ST gunner.
    Maj.Marquand:AT-ST pilot.
    2X-7KPR:Imperial security droid
    Adm.Chiraneau:Piett's advisor
    Baron Soontir Fel: renowned TIE fighter pilot
    Arica:Mara Jade in desguise in Jabba's palace
    Leeboash Rendar's co-pilot droid
    Snoova:Wookie bounty hunter/really cool
    Loje Nella:Accountant to Jabba
    Pucumir Thryss:African origin human/stands behind Ree-Yees when Luke falls into the Rancor's pit.
    R'kik D'nec: powerful Jawa in Jabba´s palace
    Rennek: African origin human/Nerf-herder for Jabba
    Sgt.Doallyn: Humanoid mercenary
    Sasha Tiel:Ishi Tib female:Accountant
    Sic-Six:Engineer for Jabba/spider-like alien
    Yoxgit:male Ugnaught in Jabba's palace
    Bane Malar:Bounty hunter
    Beedo: Rodian bounty hunter
    Bubo:Watch beast for Jabba
    Cane Adiss:Alien pilot in Jabba's court/looks like a giraffe.
    Cz-4:defense droid in Jabba's droid dungeon
    Fozec:Human African origin/spy for the Empire in Jabba's court
    Herat:Jawa that fans Jabba.
    J'Quille:Whiphid friend of Lady Valerian.
    Lady Valerian:Whiphid enemy of Jabba
    Ortugg: Gamorrean guard
    Ghana Gleemort:Gamorrean guard
    Caldera Righim:male Talz
    Deneb Both: Ithorian female in Jabba's palace
    Thedit:Jawa leader
    Tawss Khaa: female Nimbanel/Alliance tracker in Jabba´s court
    Soth Petikkin:Tefau:Rebel recruiter in Jabba´s palace
    Umpass-stay: Klatooinian
    Chief Chirpa:Ewok leader
    Graak:Ewok w/striped fur like Logray
    Kazak:Ewok w/stone grey fur
    Lumat:Ewok w/ darkish fur and grey.
    Rabin:Ewok w/tan & grey fur
    Romba:Ewok w/brownish fur
    Wuta: Ewok explorer w/blonde & brown fur
    Teebo:Ewok w/ darkgrey & black striped fur/I like him the most of all the Ewoks.
    Jodo Cast:Bounty hunter
    Mosep:Jabba's Nimbanel accountant
    Ardon Crell:Jabba's debt payer
    Attark: Hoover
    Aded Luun:Jawa in Jabba's sail barge.
    Hermi Odle:Baragwin
    Tanus Spijek:Elom
    Garon Nas Tal:Saurin in Jabba´s court
    Geezum:Snivian scout
    Ghoel:Wol Cabbas****e:Immobile alien lifeform stuck on Jabba's wall
    Kalit: Jawa that looks into the Rancor's pit from above after Luke fell into it.
    Leslomy Tacema:female Duro
    Giran:Kajain'sa'Nikto:helps tend the Rancor with Malakili
    Kithaba: Klatooinian assassin
    Klaatu:Kadas'sa'Nikto:Barada's main assistant
    Nysad:Kajain'sa'Nikto.on Jabba's sail barge.
    Vizam:Kadas'sa'Nikto:weapons specialist
    Wooof: Kadas'sa'Nikto:Jabba's best pilot
    Yotts Orren:Kadas'sa'Nikto:Jabba's sail barge crew.
    Lathe:Kajain'sa'Nikto:Jabba´s palace guard
    Gamall Wironicc: Klatooinian at Jabba's court.
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