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    What would you think of Ewan McGreggor as the new James Bond?

    I saw this picture from "Down with Love," - Ewan's new movie with Rene Zwelliger. It just struck me as very "Bond-looking."

    Agent OB1-Seven?
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    It's not too bad, but Brosnan has a better look for it I think.

    Now Rowin Atkinson I could go for!
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    Originally posted by Quite-Long Dong
    Now Rowin Atkinson I could go for!
    LOL, now that you've mentioned it, have you seen the new Johnny English trailer? It looks like a fun movie, I can't wait till it is released.

    Anyway, Ewan as 007??? To be honest I don't think that would work, he just doesn't have that "look" about him.

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    Yeah, I am really looking forward to seeing Johnny English. Looks pretty darn funny. Atkinson can not say or do anything, and still make me laugh. His face is so.....funny.
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    No. Absolutely not. It would destroy the space-time continuum.

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    i say no to both ideas, ewan as bond, and english johnny being funny. i just watched that trailer, and i guess i saw the un-funny version, cause i didn't laugh at all.

    unless they can bring in some decent writers, i don't really care for any more bond films. i haven't liked any since goldeneye.

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    Eh, next bond movie, i think Rowan Atkinson should be the Bond Villian. Just my thoughts though.
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    No. Absolutely not. It would destroy the space-time continuum.
    I agree.
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    Ewan as Bond? Nah! He's too cool to play a tight *** wannabe like Bond.

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    Ewan as 007? Maybe in about 10 years. Bond needs to have a maturity about him that someone in their 30's (even as talented as Mr. Magregor) can't achieve.

    My vote goes to Clive Owen. After seeing him in those BMW short films, I've been expectin EON Productions to give him a ring. After he's done his five or so films (although he'd be the next "even" Bond, so he'd only manage one or two films: See Lazenby and Dalton) I'd like to see either Ewan, or maybe Christian Bale put on the Tux.

    Remember when Quentin Tarantino desparately wanted to make a faithful adaptation of Casino Royale with Daniel Day Lewis? There were legal issues over the rights to the book and the film, so he asked MGM and EON and they said no.
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