I don't know about anyone else, but It seems quite odd that Hasbro hasn't put any teaser photos out concerning the Ep2 Action Fleet Vehicles. It seems as if this wasn't the same marketing they used with the 3 3/4 figures, Ep2 Legos, Ep2 Lightsabers, and the 3 3/4 vehicles. Why is the Action Fleet so different? Quite possibly Hasbro hasn't even got the molds to set, let alone find someone to manufacture them. Does anyone have any idea what the hold up is? Oh, yes and then there are the repaints, hmm? Seems to me to me that they are trying to capitalize on what they had left within the coffers of the Old Galoob warehouse(I know what we'll do, repaint them and repackage and sell them as a limited 25th Anniversary Series!) And if they can't find the market with already tested retail items, we the consumer are sunk! Tell you what, Hasbro! A suggestion at marketing your 25th Anniversary Action Fleet Series to bring up profitable sales on this series. Introduce a mail in three proofs of purchase of one of each Millenium Falcon, X-wing,and DV Tie, and for just three proofs of purchase and $15. you will receive Hasbros limited addition Ep2 Action Fleet Jedi Starfighter! Really? Work with us, come up with a promotion to set the series off right, and not doomed to failure. Now that I've had my said, Please, please, please, three bags full! Issue us a teaser photo of at least one Ep2 Action Fleet Vehicle? Enough Said!