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    Price Cuts at KB Toys?

    I thought I heard that KB Toys was cutting their prices on Star Wars figs too, but when I found Mace, FB Jang, and StarFigter Obi yesterday, the prices were still the same. Anyone else know about this?
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    I was at KB Toyworks today and they had the basic figures marked down to $4.99
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    Yep 4.99 and the 3.00 off coupon helped me to add four more clone troopers to my army!

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    I found the same thing. $4.99 with the $3.00 deal is still in place. Rock On!!
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    Hmmm....I bought some figures yesterday for 5.99. I am thinking I need to go back with my receipt tomorrow.
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    I bought the whole Bespin Wave today at KB and they were on sale for 4.99!!!!!!!!!

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    I'll have to try KB tomarrow.
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