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    Cool wouldn't it be cool.....

    If hasbro would pack a minnie poster in with each figure ,eather of that figure or what other figures would be comming out that mounth. who agrees.
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    I'd be happy if they just put it on the back of the card.
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    After having all this time to adapt to the Saga packaging, there are a couple changes that I'd like. The mini-poster would be a nice pack-in, for my idea.

    The front would be the same, only the bubble would be abridged to be 3/4 in front, and 1/4 in the back. This would allow an almost unrestricted 360-degree view of the figure, and Hasbro could include an open "Try-Me" section in the bubble over the action features of Collection 1 (well, most of them - the manual setup ones like Padme would just look like a non-try-me Collection 2)

    The mini-poster insert would have the types of articulation, wave checklist, future figures, and the bio of the character. The accessories would be located towards the bottom front of the bubble.

    The card would be generic again, but the foldable mini-poster would make a better alternative to collecting cardbacks.
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    Ya i like the way lord thinks.
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    Mylow, I liked that about GOD. It says a lot.
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