I am in need of an ACKLAY MIB, seems that local WMs don't seem to plan on ordering any new stuff for a while, as a result, I've (as I had to in the past) order newer figs by the case so I have a few extras: in hand: 1 Mace Windu and 1 sealed case of 2@Qui gon, massiff, orn free ta, endor trooper, royal guard, 1 @ taun we, & luminara that i ordered by mistake. (I have a vader(bespin), Jango (final), and another mace, but these 3 are pending at the moment) MOC ep1 Watto, loose Dewback Sandtrooper (clean)
I am expecting soon another case w/ 1@ extra: Mace, Jango, Vader, Obi-Wan(pilot), Han (raid), Chewie w/ 3po. hopefully w/in 3 weeks

I am also in need of potf 12":
particuarly (loose/complete- ok):
bib fortuna
imp. gunner
scout trooper
both tuskens
leia (boush)
han (bespin)
tie pilot
and a few other "commons"

email me at jedikiss@starwarsguide.com if there are are possibility of fair trading.