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    K-PAX, was it any good.

    I heard that it was not even necessary to be made around a so-called alien and was a disgrace to Sci-Fi. It was called by some as the people in their 30s-40s who had never seen SW, "THEIR"
    Star Wars.
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    I thought it was OK. I didn't really get that excited by it, but there was enough there to keep me interested in finding out about more about Spacey's character.

    I disagree that the alien plot was unnecessary - sci-fi is sometimes used as metaphor for the way things are on contemporary Earth and Prot's story shows some of those lessons.

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    As JT says...


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    It was an ok time-passer movie, if you're not into thinking during movies too much then you don't want to watch this.

    It was odd, had some good acting though.
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