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    Thumbs down Don't open your Bespin Vaders!

    I found and opened one today. What a disappointment!!! I was so looking forward to this figure. His whole body is just...funky. his left arm needs a lot of work in order to recreate that final bespin scene. I hope the Luke has some better articulation.

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    If you go back and watch Empire, Vader does have his hand open like that reaching out to Luke at one point. Check it out.

    I think don't Vaders that bad. He's certainly better than "primal scream" mace windu..

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    Yeah but there is no bend to his arm. A little bend is all Im asking that so wrong?

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    nah, I see your point there. Oh well. The day we get a Star Wars figure that no one has any complaints about will be a good day indeed..

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    Well he does have some problems but I was pretty happy with him.
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    I don't really mind him. He is a bit scene specific but he's still pretty good.
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    Vader (bespin) is great with his open hand and scene specific detail. The part of the catwalk he comes with is brilliant and makes for great scene building.

    Go back and enjoy your Captain Typho figures if you don't like this Darth.
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    I think this Darth is hella cool. And that's saying a hella lot

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    I like it just fine. I just hate the big stick sticking out of his butt.
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