Hello all,

I am really stumped on this one!

I have had, sitting on my shelf for years, two vintage vader figures. They are both complete and in very good shape.

I was looking at them the other day and noticed a huge differance between the two!

#1 one is taller then the other! Only by a hair but enough to be noticeable.

#2 Thier feet are differant. The taller one has more of a slender, point to them while the shorter is rounder.

#3 The taller vader's vader has a thicker point on his saber and is just a shade darker then the shorter ones. The shorter one has the usual hair thin saber point and the lighter red that Im used to seeing.

#4 The shorter vaders head has what Id describe as "rounded" facial features. The tusks are virtually non existant and the cuts "details" are not as sharp as the taller one.

#5 On the back of thier legs, One has G.M.F.G.I. 1977 HONG KONG. While the other is marked G.M.F.G.I. 1977 but it does not have the Hong Kong mark

Does anyone have any answers for me? I would really appreciate it!

Thanks on advance.