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    College Football Honors..

    Well, it was nice to see that a sense of normalcy returned to American life! College Football!!! Tommorrow will be the NFL! I can't wait!
    Being from Syracuse it was nice to see the ceremonial introductions honoring the members of the NYC fire, police, and rescue departments before the Auburn, Syracuse game! Especially seeing as it was a nationaly televised game! Gov. George Pataki took part in the ceremonies along with some of NY and NYC's finest! The events of Sept 11th hit home in an extraordinary way to Syracuse University, seeing as how many alumni live in and around the NYC area! To a very emotionally charged and American inspired home crowd, Syracuse came away victoriuos 31-14! Congrats to Auburn for a good effort, but I don't know if any team, even in the NFL would have beaten SU tonight...OK well maybe that's a little too much to ask! ;-) God Bless!
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