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    Wow! A Star Wars toy that falls under zoning laws. How cool!

    Okay, I actually read the article this time. That sucks that you're being harrassed like that. Did your neighbors actually complain? Or did the inspector just assume they didn't want it there?
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    Why didn't your wife go out and swear at him or do something?

    I'd grab a bat or something and I make sure I'd hit him in the head, he Climbed into it, geez!
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    Do you think the TANTIVE IV could land on a planet?

    I need some feedback from STAR WARS fans on this issue.

    I must soon make a decision on whether to build a landing pad and leg as I continue on with my model.

    I feel that since 2 REPUBLIC CRUISERS were seen landing in EPISODE I and each of those were similar in design to the BLOCKADE RUNNER, then the TANTIVE IV must have also had the same capability to land on a planet.

    Although a landing gear on my model would make my life easier, I think it would look strange to see when we never did see the BLOCKADE RUNNER land in any of the movies.

    What do you think?
    Could the TANTIVE IV land on a planet?

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    Re: Do you think the TANTIVE IV could land on a planet?

    Originally posted by MICHAELFRIGHT SPFX
    What do you think?
    Could the TANTIVE IV land on a planet?
    I'm sure it could land or how else would people get off on a planet or what happens when it needs fuel?You might as well create a landind pod for it to make it morwe better
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    I'm going to merge this "Do you think the TANTIVE IV could land on a planet?" with the other thread you started about your Tantive IV project since they're the same subject by the same author in the same section on the same day. Nothing personal.
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    Put a landing gear on that sucker, and then head over to that guys house and start taking photographs of HIS place. If he comes out and argues, say his wife is violating the "Visual Pollution" laws 'cause she is BUTT ugly...

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    Municipalities are notorious for these sorts of things. I have had to do "repairs" to the exterior of my house several times while neighbours with homes in far worse conditions have never had to answer to them... bugger!

    Oh, well... I must say that the project seems to be coming along quite nicely. I can't wait for it to really start taking shape so that we see the fore and aft sections in place! Fight the good fight, guy! Everything will be fine... and what do you propose to do with this vehicle once it has been completed, if you don't mind me asking??

    Yes... landing gear for sure. Base it off of the langing gear for the Radiant. The overall design of that ship is similar enough so I couldn't see why the Tantive wouldn't have the landing gear as well.
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    I'm sorry to hear you are having so much "local trouble". It has been my experience that most Code Enforcement types are self-important windbags who have to spend the better part of their work day justifying their postion in the city or municipality. Hopefully you can go over these guys heads and point out that the piece is not a permanant fixture nor is it (essentially) any different than a boat or car parked in front of someone's house.
    It is a real shame that people have to be such busy bodies about other people's business and that the local goverment has to pry so much as well. Hopefully you will not inadvertantly have set a precedent that will lead to anti-model building legislation in your area. These are dark times indeed!
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    these damn yard nazis **** me off like no other type of person i know. they are small people with worthless lives who crave power in the guise of deed restrictions.

    in my area recently, an 80 year old widow was forced out of her house for unpaid homeowners association dues. the mail was sent to her long deceased husband. the elderly woman assumed it was junk mail and discarded it. when she was finally informed of her past due dues($800), she paid them, but the homeowners asscoiation rejected her payment so they could take possession of her $100,000 home for their own profit!


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