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    HASBRO this is What we REALLY WANT!!

    If indeed someone from hasbro reads this. These are Figures that all collectors badly want(post your support) We want all these with as much articulation as possible and in no gimmick poses and close to neutral as possible) NO G I M M I C K S

    (my number one want 1!!! R2-D2 (Jabba's Sail barge) take a scuplt like the commtech R2 and add the bartender attachment and removable acessories and (Luke's ROTJ )pop up lightsaber hilt with removable blade (hatch that opens back and forth to reveal it then you can pull it out or a small spring ejector) also include a 3 3/4 holograph Luke(with correct slight blueness color NOT PURPLE make it translucent like POTJ VADERS) in Jedi outifit so R2 can project him To Jabba (make it in the 2 pack series)

    Leia in Boussh Disguise( could be such a great figure make it in a 2 pack with a a new Chewbacca as Boussh Bounty

    2 different Imperial Dignitaries (Part of the 2 Pack series)

    Hermi Odle (need I say more)

    More people and aliens from Jabba's Palace, Sail Barge, and Skiffs like (where i found pics and info on at ) UNDER JABBA's PALACE ( the way i see it if you make aliens like Djas Puhr and Zutton you can make these very cool looking people)

    JABBA THE HUTT ::::we need a good Jabba with acessories like the vintage one
    Bane Malar (bounty hunter) very cool looking
    Cane Adiss (very cool looking 2 headed alien smuggler)
    Sergeant Doallyn(wanted this guy since I was a kid)
    J'Quille (very cool looking)
    Murttog Yine(cool looking human) we don't have any cool looking HUMANS from Jabba's palace they guy has a nice colorful outfit and cool eu backstory kindav thing. WE NEED at least one human from the Jabba sail barge

    Tanus Spijek (really cool looking alien that i've wanted since i was a kid)

    Dengar (resculpt old one is terrible)

    Han Solo Carbonite:::::: Redo this figure. Make it actually go into and fit into the block. Make the sides light up like you did with the C3PO that comes with Chewbacca Bespin Escape. Take a hint from the extremely cool vintage version.

    Han Solo Hoth::::::::: with hood up and right color with gun that fits in holster and sensor(one that came with potj k3po) with articulation at neck, waist, ball socket shoulder joints, biceps, wrists, and knees. With a very very detail scupt

    Admiral Ozzel
    Jan Dodonna
    Captain Antilles
    General Rieeken
    Crix Madine

    Jabba Sail BARGE that in SCALE with the figures with removable roof and functioning blinds with enough space to put a scale Jabba in the back. Have it come with full size Skiff and come with like 10 figures and Jabba. I'd shell out big big bucks for this) would be huge undertaking..never happen...sign

    if you support my ideas or want to add your own for hasbro to see. post here...

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    I agree with all! Make them Hasbro!!!

    But i just wanted to add that i want that new Han Carbo to be able to work with the Freezing Chamber Playset. And the block should be gray, not white!

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    i agree, all those figures would be awesome. And I definitely agree that they need less gimmicks, they would just be better that way.
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    I also agree, NO GIMMCKS!
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    Yes and no wild poses and more Jedi.
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    Yup, the last thing I want to see on a ROTJ Jabba is "tail-whipping action" with a huge wheel or something sticking out of his back. And I want more Jedi too!
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