One that's more accurate, more to scale, has a pack-in of Zam that can fit perfectly how she's supposed to, and has an on/off switch for LED lights. The battery could be a 9V battery that would go in the passenger side of the speeder near the back. Also the rubber would definitely go since with the lights it couldn't use the crunch effect.

It could also come with a place to put her rifle from the preview Zam.

Truly out of the two speeders I think Zam's was the coolest one and really deserves this kind of treatment.

If you can make a new Slave 1 for $25-30 price tag and let it have some quite cool features plus a 3-figure cockpit along with accurate detailing and painting, surely you could make the Zam speeder for not much. Might also interest kids a bit - if it has lights that'll stay on from an on/off switch, perfect for dark room play!

So if you released something like that around some holiday, parents might buy it for their kids more than they probably would with just a regular release date.