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    Palpatine's mannerisms

    This may have been touched on before, but for those who believe Palpatine and Sidious are not the same person, there is one little clue that, if you're not looking for it, you might miss it. Look at how Sideous walks, particularly the position of his hands, when he is talking to Maul in Ep. I on Coruscant. Then look at Palpatine in the scene with Anakin in Ep. II. His hands are in EXACTLY the same position when he walks. I'm not sure if this was deliberate or not, but I thought it was the most obvious clue to the non-fan that they are the same person.

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    Well it's pretty obvious cause you can see everything from his nose down at the end of E2. Also, at the end of E1 when Mace says "Which one was destroyed? The master or the apprentice?" it zoomed in on Palpatine, almost to the point of going up his nose.

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    And the way his face nearly slides off his skull when he says, :I luv democracy. I luv the Republic."

    Not related, but I love the way he says "under the protection of your graces."

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    It showed Jar Jar Binks and Queen Amidala in that shot also therock0603. So it proves nothing. I'm gonna stick with the possibility that Palpy may be a clone, until Lucas reveals the truth in Episode III.

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    Actually Jar Jar was not in the shot. It was Anakin, Obi-Wan, Amidala, and Palpatine. Everyone but Palpatine was extremely out of focus. Palpatine was the one that was being focused on. Also, in E1, when Palpatine is asking the Queen to stay and not go back to Naboo because it is dangerous, she leaves anyways. When she leaves it shows Palpatine begin to smile. It also says in the book that Jar Jar looked back as he was walking out of the room and saw a strange smile on Palpatine's face.

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    I can't believe anyone who knows STAR WARS well at all can have any doubts about Palpatine's alter-identity as Sidious. The whole underlying story of Episode I and II is that Palpatine is very carefully orchestrating *everything.* Also, it has been known since ROTJ that the Emperor was Palpatine. He was never referred to by name in the final version of the film, but Palpatine's names was used in the script and in the novelization. Those who can't see that Palpatine is in fact Sidious and the eventual Emperor must simply be puzzled by his machinations and just as deceived by his facade as the Jedi.

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    It would be so silly and pointless to have a clone of Palpatine. There is no need for that. He has so far never been shown in two places at the same time. There is simply no reason to have a Palpatine clone.

    And if it was a clone of Palpatine, it would not be the same age as him, it would be far younger, unless he was cloned at birth. The kaminoans themselves said that all their previous clones only grew at a normal growth rate. Only the new Jango clones had accelerated growth. And if Palpatine does have accerlated growth clones, he would have to have had at least two and potentially three being trained to act like him since they age so quickly that a clone from TPM era would be 20 years older of Palpatine rather than 10. Episode III would probably demand another new clone as well. So far there has been no hint of Palpatine having or needing a clone of himself to do his evil work. He has been quite successful doing it by himself.

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    Palpatine is and is not Sidious?

    Ok, before everyone just posts the same answers again, hear me out.
    In TPM Lucas kept it a mystery. With the title of the movie that is understandable, still so many fans guessed it or could tell by the end of it on their own. I mean come on, Chancellor Palpatine and Emperor Palpatine gives us a lot of direction here,
    But why is it still so mysterious three years later in ATOC? Is Lucas up to something more.
    I'm wondering... is Palpatine just a clone of Sidious? Palpatine is not just a man from Naboo who has risen to power. He was a Senator for many planets in a system, the most powerful being Naboo. We really don't know where he came from.
    And, anyone else see how much he aged from TPM to ATOC. Heavy makeup! Could this be a more rapid aging clone?
    And on a big note. If you read the book for ATOC, then why does Yoda sense fear in Palpatine when Jar Jar agrees to ask for emergency powers to be given to Palpatine. If he really was Sidious then why would he have any fear in this action.

    I don't know this all seems to be adding up to more than just a simple difference of wearing a heavy cloak and not wearing one.

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    He may have been nervous about a crucial step in his plan coming to pass. Palpatine is Sidious. The reason he is playing it up, is because he is making these films for future generations as well.
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    I believ without a shadow of a dout that Palpy is also sidy and i'll stand by that.
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