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    Wanted: "Otoh Gunga" Action Fleet playset

    Does anybody have an extra one of these they want to part with? Box condition is not important.

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    Yep. In box, unopened, mint. Picked it up for 2.99 in Toymaster about 6-8 months ago. It's yours if you want it. Settle with VT if he agrees, and you think the price is okay too.


    P.S I think I got a Jar Jar/Droid Control ship xfmng playset too if you're interested.

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    Hello Jeddah,thanks for coming to the rescue!
    I'm a little confused though,you want to this transaction thru VT?
    "This is Space Intruder Detector"

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    Jeddah: if you, or anyone else, happens to have an extra Theed Palace, Theed Palace Assault, Gungan Sub/Otoh Gunga, Theed Generator/Darth Maul, I need them all loose. Luckily I do have Otoh Gunga loose although I paid about 10 times as much for it.


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    Hi S43,

    Shua. I definitely have a loose Theed Generator xfmng DM head playset.

    SID, I mean that if VT concurs and you agree on the price , you can offset what I owe VT. LMK m'kay


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    Jeddah,thats a big 10-4,will work things out with VT If agrees,thanks!
    "This is Space Intruder Detector"

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    Ah, glad I asked. LMK how much you want for it and how you want to do this.


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    And I am looking for all the hard to find ones!
    TIE Defender
    Jawa Sandcrawler
    And the one I want the most- the Imperial Landing Craft

    As for Episode 1:
    The only ones that I have are the Republic Cruiser, Naboo Fighter, MTT, Sebulba's Pod Racer. So any others would be good.
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    hey grif, check out my post here and check out the rest of my collection checklist here (it's in Excel format), and see if we can work something out. I have an extra EP1 TF Landing Craft, and a couple extras from the pre-EP1 releases.
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    Thanks SWAFMAN!
    If you want to pay $50.00 for Virago and $40.00 for Jabba's Sail Barge then e-mail and you can get them.
    I am not into trades but if you have any of my wants then I'll be glad to buy them.
    Khoo-Ha...Please Pass The Jelly.


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