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    Jeddah, if you have Mini Scenes 5-8 I need them as well, packaged will be fine but they'll be opened. LMK.


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    Okay, I'll post all the AF sets and Mini scenes that I have extras of later today.


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    Re: the otohset's the one w/topside-holed bongo mm, right?

    Originally posted by vulcantouch

    jdah: since bc3 reports in huntthred that he sent gian speeder mm to you,
    Everything BC3's sent me was sent on in the last package overseas (the one with the exploding turret AATmm).

    Does this mean something has gone missing, has not been received or has he just sent it within the past few days?


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    Wink waving my hand around like some kind of. . .

    jdah: according to bc3 you shoulda rec'vd giansp mm recently, only After you sent pkgs to me. so you Should still have it, unless you sent it on to, say, gsj, in which case that's easy enough to deal with
    sid: ok then, since i hate dealin w/transnational currency conversions, you & jdah figure out how much in american dollars jdah's purch cost+shipping to you will be. then you'll pay me that amount, & i'll lop that much off jdah's bill but re 3 blue stands, b'jr would be the source, & he would much prefer to trade for Any spare mm ships you had rather than sell them. so, if you have No mms to trade, i'll first need to check w/him to make sure he'll still part with them. assuming the answer is yes, add an xtra $1 to cover stand shipping to you otherwise, maybe rechecking your collection might uncover even 2-3 xtra ships you don't want? if so, no xtra shipping charge since we'll be trading

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    butting-in where I have no business....

    VT & SID, if b'jr is interested in the die-casts in bountyhunter post #282, then I'd be happy to send them to him or VT, and SID can pay (or paypal) me $ for them & get his stands.

    ....butting-out now.
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    Thumbs up creative 3-way-trade masters need Nevah butt out

    i'll check w/b'jr to see if he wants dcs; but even if he don't, since you may be scorin me jb cd on ebay & that'll certainly cost more than what you owe me, i'll cover stands' shipping to sid, & then sid can compensate you?
    btw, if you win cd, since you expressed curiosity about jb after i sent mixtape, you'd be welcome to have seller send it to you first so you could hear it (and cdr it if you wish, since it's out-of-print). i certainly wouldn't mind waiting the xtra coupla weeks- i've already waited ~8 years anyway

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    Eh up

    Just thought on.....

    May have possibly sent the speeder to GSJ.

    Definately sent it to somebody who was sending it on to you, VT.



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    No Versace round here

    SID & S43 (and anyone else who's interested);

    I've had a rumble through my packed-away-because-we're-moving-stuff (which was meant to be last September!) and I have the following boxed;

    Battledroid/TF Droid control ship playset - 0.99
    Jar Jar Binks/Naboo xfmng playset - 0.99
    Otoh Gunga CORRECTION xfmng playset = 0.99 NOT 2.99
    Sneak Preview STAP in Green EU box = 5.00
    EU Miniscene 5 TF Attack - 2.99
    EU Miniscene 6 Throne Room reception - 2.99
    EU Miniscene 7 Watto's shop - 2.99
    EU Miniscene 8 Generator Duel - 2.99

    The prices are to give an idea of trade offset value before anyone jumps on me.

    all are unopened.

    I have other stuff but it's too carefully packed so y'all have to wait till July/August when we move.


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    JEDDAH, Is 15 pounds sterling enough to cover item(Otoh Gunga AF playset) and shipping?

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    VT & SWAFMAN, I do have a paypal account loaded with republic credits,if that's the way you guy's want to do it.
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