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    Originally posted by SID
    JEDDAH, Is 15 pounds sterling enough to cover item(Otoh Gunga AF playset) and shipping?

    No I am afraid it's not.....

    It's too much ya dayum foo'! This isn't going to cost anywhere near that much. The playset is 99 pence and well under 2 lbs so I can't see it costing anywhere over a fiver.

    I can't shop till the end of the month and it'll take about 4-5 days to fly there.


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    Jeddah, 2.99 is fine with me for of of the miniscenes 5-8. So I'll gladly take them and the DM Transforming playset. Just let me know what I owe and I'll get the payment off to whoever you'd like. LMK.


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    Exclamation woh yay woh yay

    Now that I am adding S43's UK carded DC Sandcrawler (S43, m8, I've tried to offload this for about a year now, didn't you ever see my posts before ?) to the DM headset and miniscenes, I wanted to check that everyone was happy for me to ship within the next week?



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    Jeddah, what have you tried to unload for a year? Let me know if there's anything else you have for me other than Miniscenes 5-8, DM Head playset, and the Sandcrawler (BTW, is it on the Ideal card or what? I saw a pic of one in an auction link that someone posted and it was Ideal. I e-mailed the seller to se if they still have it, if it's not the same as the one I'm getting from you I'll have to get that one too. LMK.).


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    Jeddah: Another thing, if you have more MMs you want to get rid of please LMK. I need lots of stuff in UK other other non US packaging. The latter Mini Heads and X-Rays sets 5-7 come to mind. I have Mini Head sets 7 and 8 in Italian packaging thanks to BC3 but I need them and the others in all other packagings.


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    Definitely not IDEAL packaging. Just the little red Galoob swirly logo.

    I think I've already posted most of my available stuff. Whilst I do have a boxload of Miniheads, these have been possession of Big Baala for 3 years (I know, I know, I should just get off my proverbial and send them) so I am afraid I can't offer any of them.

    The usual arrangment is that if I come across an MMs I buy them becaue I know that at some time or other, people are going to be after them. I bought the DC SC and became a bit of a laughing stock seeing as they were on every shelf on the planet. I saw them with bubble bubbles and the square bubble (the one I'm sending you is square bubbled), I think they still have some X-rays and same DC SCs and DC SDs - I'll keep an eye out 4 ya


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    Thanks Jeddah, hopefully I can get the ideal one from the other guy. Hopefully they have X-Ray sets 5-7, I'd also take sets 1-4 on non US cards if they are reasonably priced. LMK if you see any.

    Thanks again,

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    Bump (for my memory's sake)


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    Awaiting Confirmation britcit3's Avatar
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Hey Jeddah

    Would the 2nd part of your signature be.....

    "Okey, Dokey, pig on a pokey", by any chance.



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    It sure would.

    I sho' do hope they haven't killed her off after her stint in cl**clink prison (haven't got BeebChoice so have to wait for it on BEEB2 - mind you, don't tell me if you know )

    And how long before we hear the words; "helloo Dave, is Dave up there?"

    Do you think the yanks'll get it?


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