Why haven't we seen all the 5 species of the Nikto.
We've only seen the Kadas'sa'Nikto & the Kajain'sa'Nikto, I want the others,I prefer them as action figures.

I want to see the Esral'sa'Nikto,the Gluss'sa'Nikto and the M'shento'su'Nikto.

For those of you who don't have any idea of what I'm talking about,there are 5 sub-species of Nikto,and they are:

Kajain'sa'Nikto: Desert Nikto/red scaled skin and lots of horns,most visible Nikto species in the movies.

Kadas'sa'Nikto: Forest Nikto/green scaled skin,lots of horns surrounding their eyes and they have visible noses.2nd most seen Nikto race in the movies.

Gluss'sa'Nikto: Island Nikto/pale Nikto with white and gray scaled skin.

Esral'sa'Nikto: Mountain Nikto/have visible fin-like ears and blue-gray scaled skin

M'shento'su'Nikto: Southern Nikto/yellow scaled skin and no horns,instead they have multiple breathertubes on their skull and neck.

I want those species,cause I want to be an armybuilder for Jabba,and so I want also Weequays and Klatooinians.

Tell me,why do they (Lucasfilm) always have to make new species of aliens,we never saw any Chagrians,Togruta,Nautolans,Anx,Neimodians,Dugs,Ce reans,Zabraks,Lannik,Thisspiasian,Shawda Ubb,Toydarian,Chiss,Iktotchi,Quermians or others of those multi diffirential species that packed the universe in movies 1-2,but we never saw them in the old Trilogy,which was supposed to happen after the TPM & AOTC.Were they all dead?
And why were there no Duros,Elom,Gand,Kubaz,Shistavanen,Ortolan,Talz,Tra ndoshan,Weequay,Yarkora,Yuzzum,Morseerians,Givin,B othans,Gotals,Ishi Tib,H'nemthe,Biths,Sullustans,Mon Calamari,Devaronians,Chadra-Fan,Kitonaks,Sarkans,Chevins,Baragwins,Dresselians ,Skrillings,Snivians,Ugnaughts,Gamorreans,Anzatis or Askajians in the TMP & AOTC,had they not been found yet by the old Republic?
I just ask...tell me your opinion!