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Thread: Cheaters!!!

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    Angry Cheaters!!!

    Whose to say that someone couldn't be making those referals up. You could create a new e-mail account and sign up again thus boosting the # of your supposed referals!

    I give to you a certain user who in the short time I have checked out the new forums has racked up 9 referals (and probably still counting) GNT

    Now, I know that nothing can be proven but this seems suspicious since as of this posting there are only 80 registered users and he/she accounts for 1/8 of them.

    Please Sir steve just don't give out the goodies unless you plan on having a bunch of cheaters or multi posters (you know what I mean, people who repost the same reply to boost their stats)registered to your site.

    Okay with that said and done I still think SSG is the best Fan Site ever for SW

    As Always MTFBWY......

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    In defense of GNT

    I can't speak for all his referrals, but I know that this morning I had an e-mail from GNT telling me about the new forums, so I listed him as the referring member when I re-signed up. I know at least one of the nine is legit, and I'm guessing that most of his other referrals were obtained in a similar fashion. If he e-mailed me, he probably sent the same request to the other veterans of the Great Icon Wars.

    Of course, that's not to say that someone with multiple e-mail addresses couldn't refer themselves, but hopefully people are more honest than that. . . and I'm sure any cheaters would be banned.
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    I do verify the accounts. Each have to be activated and used. If someone has a lot referrals from nothing but free e-mail hosts (yahoo, hotmail, etc), then that tells me something is up and it will be dealt with then.

    Let's not even go down that route or I will not give anything out. It's not really a contest so let's just have fun with the new forums!
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    amen to that!
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    Thanks for repling SIR STEVE.

    I am glad that you verify these and take into account free e-mail listings as well.

    Sorry that my "lack of faith" may have been disturbing to you or anyone else.

    Also apologies to GNT if he/she is not a cheater.

    I just want to get things straight for those poeple who might be and was only using you as an example of what may happen.

    again my apologies!

    As always MTFBWY.....

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    I can vouch for GNT as well. I got a similar e-mail from him this morning, but didn't use him as a referral reference. JT mentioned something in one of his (already numbering in the hundreds) posts about trying to only sign up new members, not getting older ones as referrals.

    Anyways, GNT is on the level in my book.
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    Thumbs up

    Ditto what El Chuxter and The Candidate said. (Love these new features!)

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    I'm a GNT recruit as well.
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    poor GNT. I got an Email from him too.
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    I think it is a good thing that members of the forum can explore the loopholes that some might use to abuse.

    Kudos also to Sirsteve for having that area checked.

    Now, lets discuss about having lil' pictures under your name


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