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Thread: Me Again

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    Me Again

    Hi everyone its me, sorry I've not been around for the last few months but my modem broke and I had to save to buy a new one, wow alots changed around here, alot of new faces (if thats what you can call them).

    By the way I went to a Toys R Us in Hanley last week and the only new figures they had where Luke Bespin and Djas Puhr, has anybody found a Vader Bespin or anything else?
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008

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    Damn, why aren't we getting the same figs in The Netherlands!!!

    I hate Hasbro;

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    Jek, there's a thread for new wave finds already. it's just a coupl of threads down. Nice to have you back but please, please try to keep the threads to a minimum so it's easier to find them. There's been quite a lot showing up recently so it might be worthwhile having a read through some old posts before wading in with new ones.

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    Jek you must have read my mind. I was thinking of posting a what happenned to .... thread about you.

    I'm still fairly new here bu it has definitely changed a lot recently, plus the UK seems to be getting a pretty good distribution too.


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