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    Hyperdrive Frame-Jedi Star Fighter Petition

    Hey Hasbro. Give us Hyper drive frames for our Jedi Star Fighters. I dont care if it has to be an exclusive, these need to be produced one way or another. Just make the frams and sell them seperately.


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    They could make it into a deluxe accessory set with electronics and a pack-in Obi-Wan Pilot (which looks good for a change).

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    Isn't it a little soon for a petition?

    I'd like to see one of these made, also.
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    i'd love one, it looked so sweet in the movie
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    yea, it would be cool. I didnt know about the hyerdrive ring until i saw the movie, and it looked awesome. The JS is a great toy, and this would make it even better. But i agree, give Hasbro time, dont petition yet, theres plenty of time until 2005.
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    I'm in. I want this to.
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    I'm in on this too, but you know, I would have rather had it then the pop-off wings.

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    Originally posted by WesleySr
    I'm in on this too, but you know, I would have rather had it then the pop-off wings.
    Its sad that the gave us the lamearse "fight mode' and didnt include the hyperdrive frame.



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