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    I got my dagobah X-Wing at a comic book show in MIchigan two years ago. The guy had a $7 price tag. I just couldn't resist. I really like it, and I wish they'do al ot more with the AF line

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    Thumbs up i love the swamped up x-wing

    particularly as it has the phantom yellow stripe down the fusalage shown on all the galoob photo's of the x-wing.

    but for me, the best ship to display is the regular, everyday, run of the mill tie fighter.

    even though the wings are not quite right proportion wise, i still love the way this guy looks when displayed on it's stand. when viewing it from the side, the wings hide the stand, and it looks like the ship is floating, and when viewed from either front or back, the symetry of the wings on either side of the stand, makes this a very nice display piece!
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    Yavin Rebel Base Playset

    Just received/opened/assembled and "explored the action features"


    The ingenious design & super playability of the set is wonderful. LOTS of things to do! Six AF F I G U R E S ! ! ! ! That alone was worth getting an opener of the set!

    My 7 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son went ape crap over it. They, too, "explored the action features" thoroughly.

    I have an opener of the Hoth set, but it is very incomplete, missing all decals, and some of the figures and accessories. I got a battle damaged snow speeder for about four bucks, and the seller added-in the playset as-is, for free, so I can't complain. But now that I've seen the Yavin set complete, I may have to get a better opener of the Hoth. Opener of the Death Star set should arrive in about a week. I hope it's as cool as the Yavin.

    Even if these sets did originally sell for $35 full retail, when you consider that single AF ships were around $12 list price at that time, this was a great deal. At $5 super-clearance at TRU, these had to be one of the best values in the history of the toy industry. Ack! I wish I'd bought more back then!

    Oh, and the x-wing is cool, too!
    But I think they did a better job on the damage effects on the snowspeeder.
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    The Yavin playset is, IMO, by far the best of the playsets. The Deathstar is the worst.

    The playsets were 4.97 at TRU, but even better was when they went to 1.97 each. I have no idea why I didn't pick up extras just for the ships, but I didn't.


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    S43's AF playset assessment is the same as mine, not including Ep 1 playsets though.

    Congrats on Yavin Swaffy, they're all good playsets, but you have the best one.
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    Smile of all the play sets, my fave is the yavin as well!

    the thought process which went into that set is amazing! we've packed it up and taken it on the roads for years. even though it's the oddest shape and configuration of the three sets, it's always been the easiest to close and take on road trips.

    whenever mason sets up a battle in his room, the yavin set is always taken out, opened up and becomes the command center for whoever happens to be the good guys. rebels, nubians, whoever

    the mechanism for sliding x-wings in and out of the playset is my favorite part! the only other ship which can navigate that small slit of an opening is the y-wing.

    hoth gets the nod for being number two. i just wish they had designed an entry system through the front of the playset similar to the yavin set.

    the death star set is cool, but the emperor's throne room section always falls down at the slightest vibration, so out of the three sets, it see's the smallest amount of play time action.
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    IIRC, the Snowspeeder fits through my Yavin gantry as well, but it's been a while since I tried.

    I've never had the Emp's throne room fall down, but again, it's been a while since I monkeyed with that set. I thought the throne room locked into the wall though.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    it sits on a peg that's part of the adjacent wall

    but you prolly don't play with it utilizin' the same enthusiasm as a hoard of 8 year old boys!
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