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    Dagobah X-Wing: Is there any better AF display piece?

    Okay, some may claim the Zaap "pewter" ships display better out of the box. I'll almost certainly never know, since I'll almost certainly never be able to afford another one for an opener.

    Some may claim the Defender is better/as good an opened display SWAF. That's a tough call. They're such VERY different ships, I prefer to think they compliment each other rather than have to rank them.

    I haven't opened my Falcons, and I'm working on scoring a cheap one for an opener. That's one of the others I think will display really well. I'd like to hear what AF ships others think are outstanding when displayed out of their box.

    As fo non-SW Action Fleet, the Aliens series also look like they'd display spectacularly as openers.

    But back to the main subject....

    I received my 2nd Dagobah X-Wing today. This one ordered specifically to display out of the box. I am thrilled with it. In addition to the "swampy" paint effects, they also added some gray and puke-color (sorry, I thought for a long time, and that's the only description I could think of for the color) patches on the ship that beautifully pop out some of the textured areas that simply do not show up on the standard, minimally-painted versions.

    As everyone probably knows, you can still score these on eBay for under $10 + shipping pretty regularly. I paid $9.49 + $5 shipping. In my opinion, for what little that's worth, I think this is hands-down the best value-for-the-dollar aftermarket AF collectible. If you have only one of them, and you're reluctant to open it, to retain its value as a collectible, then I urge you to get your butt on to eBay and snag an opener. If you're disappointed after seeing it, I'll buy it from you myself (provided you got one for about what I paid).
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