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    For Trade, 12" Ultimate Jango Fett, Tie Bomber, & Snowspeeder

    I picked up 2 Ultimate Jango Fetts the other day, and I decided to trade one away.

    I'm looking for:
    POTJ Y-Wing
    POTJ B-Wing
    POTJ Tatooine Skiff
    Tie Interceptor
    Any good Vintage stuff too.

    I also am starting to collect the "pack in" figures that come with ships, beast packs, and stuff like that.

    I also have a Snowspeeder and Tie Bomber to trade.


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    I have some vintage stuff if you are interested. I'm interested in your TIE Bomber. Send me a list if you are looking for anything in particular or I can send you a list of my vintage haves. Anyways, here's my email address:

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    Need a Jango

    I only have a few 12" vintage S/W items, any interest in 12" Dragon figures, have plenty of MIB.

    Please email me@


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