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    Smile Straghten the Shelves!!!

    As you may all have noticed, tons of Episode 2 products are choking up the shelves at about every major retailer in the country.

    This situation is bad for us collectors because it slows down and limits the release of new figures. This problem hurts kids as well because the shelves are clogged with figures they don't want. What can we as a collective community do to help our favorite pass time?


    I've been doing this for a while, as sort of a good Kharma thing. It's helps out my friends in the various toy stores I visit and it seperates me from the jerks (mainly dealers) who trash the SW figure sections loking for new stuff.

    I also will group popular figures and figures of the same character. This helps people find their favorites quickly. After having done this for a while I can tell you it HONESTLY DOES WORK!

    A clean, orderly figure section helps move more product. Meaning more new figures for your store!
    Plus you get the satisfaction of helping someone out. Someone who proabaly has a sh*t job to begin with. This sort of activity puts a positive light on Star Wars collectors and I feel helps us greatly to improve our image.

    So the next time you in a store and you see figures strewn everywhere, take a second and clean things up. You'll be glad you did and The Universe will reward you. Who knows, maybe you'll find that elusive new figure you've been searching for...

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    I did that at Toys R Us the other day....
    I might continue to do it too!!!!!!!!!

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    Good advice
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    I spend plenty of time picking the Saga cards up off the floor because they are always falling down as I look through them. So this seems like a good idea as it will give people something to do while waiting for those new figures and since your going through the figures peg by peg anyway why not organize it and make your search easier the next time around?
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    I just started doing this too. I try to make sure that I fill as many of the pegs as I can in the hopes that when the store employees see the remaining empty pegs they'll bring out the new boxes. I just have to go back tomorrow to see if it worked.
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    Haha... I do that too, Exhaust Port.

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    The only figures I put back on the shelves are the ones that I accidentally knock over. The only reason that I don't put the others back up is because there are just too many scattered around. I mean, there were at least 50 figures laying on a shelf and some on the floor. I'm really not going to be putting all of those figures back on the pegs. First, someone will think that I knocked them all down (I have to protect the ego, ) and two, I'm not getting paid for it.
    What I do to ensure more figures are to be put out is to buy some more figures. It gets them off the shelves and it lessens the stock so they have to put more out. It's worked everyday this week .

    End :happy:.
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    "I'm not getting paid to do this" - I knew somebody was going to say something like this. -Sigh-

    If not to help the hobby how 'bout for Kharma's sake?

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    I always thought it was spelled "karma."

    I think this would be good for the reasons Exhaust Port mentioned above to free up some pegs so that they will bring out new stock. I've seen pegs with only two or three figures on them and the employees say there is no room for new toys.

    Of course my local K-Mart display is a friggin' disaster area; but I tend to notice that is the case at K-Marts most of the time. Just like many of them tend to have that "unwashed masses" smell to them.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    when ever my dad and sister go into a store with me i got to trhe star wars figures and start straiting them up until they come over then i leave. once at target the guy said for helping him out he brought out a case of the yoda wave for me! it really dose work! oh a good idea is to fill ONE peg of potj stuff with the saga stuff. some people are like "hey look at these they must be new" and pic one up. then your store has even more space.


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