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    Christmas Special

    Can someone give me the basic storyline to it?
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    The Empire is trying to track down Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie in order to make them pay for blowing up the Death Star. Most of the story focuses on Chewie's family on Kashyyk and the Imperials sent there to search for him. They ransack Chewie's home, violate his wife, slaughter his children....oh wait, that's what you want to happen after sitting through half an hour of nothing but Wookie dialogue.

    The Imperials search Chewie's home and cut up Chewie's son's Stuffed Bantha toy. They are killed by Han and Chewie who have come home to celebrate Life Day and the whole thing ends with Chewie getting a ceremony and honors for helping destroy the Death Star.

    Minor points: Art Carney's role as a goods-trader and a friend of the Wookies.
    Chewie's father's soft porn projector.
    Bea Arthur as the Anchorhead Cantina owner
    Boba Fett's first appearance in the SW universe in the cartoon short (the only redeeming factor of the entire show)
    Princess Leia's singing voice.

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    ...not to mention the fine musical numbers that punctuate the Emmy worthy performances.

    Anyone who manages to sit through the entire thing deserves a medal.

    But I'm shocked that "Life Day" never really caught on.

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    i want to see it , i know it's bad but i still wonder.
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    Hey, I celebrate Life Day every year!

    If the plot sounds kind of flimsy for a two-hour TV movie, well it is. The whole special feels like the writer walked out after only finishing fifteen minutes of story so they try to beef it up with musical numbers, skits and many looooong, uncomfortable silences.

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    Originally posted by saladin
    i want to see it , i know it's bad but i still wonder.
    Every SW fan should see it at least once. If for no other reason than to make us thankful that GL kept such iron-fisted control over his ideas. The HS was a contractual obligation so that if the movie flopped, it would be the pilot for a possible TV series. When the movie took off in theaters, GL let the studio make the special themselves while working on ESB (the reason that GL's name doesn't appear anywhere in the HS credits).

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    I'm with Saladin, I want to see it to. Its been so long ago I can't remember it.
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    It's funny and ironic that everyone who hasn't seen it has a strong desire to do so and those of who have seen it have a strong desire to gouge our eyes out with spoons. You could take the word of everyone who has seen it and avoid it like the plague, but you won't. You'll track it down and watch it and then regret it forever afterwards..
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    Spoons, you say?
    I was considering forks and/or steak knives myself!

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    I want to see it for some odd reason... I'll be sure to have something to bite down on though so I don't end up eating my lip while forcing myself to watch it if I ever get the chance.
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