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    So, yeah, the Acklay????

    Anybody found this yet or know if it's actually out there? I'm going out hunting for it tonight after the fight and am hopin' it's actually there. My friend and i hit Wal-marts around the columbus area for the last week or so with nothing. Any help here would be hot? (please, nobody finish that quote w/ Qui-gon's Response, we could go all night!) thanks!!
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    There have been reports that it has been found at retail this month, but I'd imagine the biggest obstacle is finding shelf space for them. So be patient, after a couple more Reeks and speeders are sold, a few might see their way out of the stockroom.
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    i hope i can find one.
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    Me too. I'll need it to complete my arena battle.

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    I'm waiting to get the Acklay and the Nexu before I get the Reek. Somehow the Acklay and Nexu just seem to be more worth their prices than the Reek.
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