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    Question Did Anyone get the Sith Lords 2-pack?

    So did anyone get the Sith lords two pack. I did way overpriced but they are two really great 12" figures. Post your thoughts about them!
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    I got the 3 3/4" one, never did get the 12" one but the 3 3/4" one is great too.
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    I can't find the 3.75" set, but I would love to get my hands on one.
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    as would i turbowars, as would i.
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    The electronic Vader looks like he has lost a fist fight against Luke. And: I don't like the electronic gimmick. Therefore I bought the Sith Lords. But Sith Lord Vader has dirty ears. I'm not interested in pulling of his hand. Other differences I don't care about: the buttons on his belt are now blue, before they were green. His cape has a real chain now, his boots are polished (more glossy) and his breast armour now is striped with dark green color. I really don't need a second Vader, but this one is as beautiful as the electronic one.

    The cut in half Maul should have come with the robotic spider legs accessoir, he wears in a hidden level of a videogame (Don't know the name of it).

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    The 12 " Sith Lords were peg-warmers in my area. I was lucky to find 6 of the 3.75 two packs at my Wal Mart! I bought 3, 1 for me and i each for two of my friends. Now I wish I would have bought them all, they would have been an excellent trading tool.

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    I see the 12" Sith Lords on clearance at just about every TRU I go to. I never did see the 3-3/4" figures, are they pretty nice? What do they include?
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    I had the 12 inch Electronic Vader and the 12 inch Maul, so that's why I never bought the 2 pack version although I thought it was pretty sharp looking.

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    I'm still looking for both sets (3 3'4" and 12")

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    Never saw the 3 3/4 version.... But the 12" set rocks. The Maul is generic, but the Vader is sweet. A must have for Sith fans.

    I hope they do a Vader/DooKu/Palpatine, and throw Maul in for fun as well, Darkside set in either the 3 3/4" or 12". Now that I'd have no problems paying for.
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