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    Originally posted by sunblind
    I don't think I've heard of these 3 3/4 fig's.

    Is there a picture in the photo gallery?
    Hey sunblind, you are in the 12"-section, go to

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    I like the 12" Sith Lord 2-pack. I have the electronic Vader but I'm trying to trade/sell him. It would be nice to have a Sidious/Dooku (Tyranus) 12" 2-pk.

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    I enjoy collecting the 12" figures. They (usually) have great detail and look great in the Glass display case. The 12" Vader/Maul 2 pack is SWEET !! I also have the electronic DV as wel as the 12" Darth Maul -- but when Ray Park and David Prowse BOTH came to Dallas a month ago -- I could NOT pass up on the chance of having a piece in my collection with TWO Signatures on it. This is now one of my BEST pieces...
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    thats great, a 12" forum where everyone cant stop talking about the 3 3/4 version....

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    I always thought the 12" inch Sith Lords were badly done, so even on clearance I passed them up.

    I'd have liked a really /nice/ Vader/Palpatine set instead.

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    i pick up a set the only other 12 in fig i own is the maul with speeder.

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    Picked it up mostly for Maul, but also happy with Vader. A great 2-pack IMO.

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    Yeah it is a very good 2 pack!!
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