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    Anyone has bought the Republic Gunship?

    I was just wanting a review of this piece... Is it really worth the dough?

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    I came into some cash about 6 months ago and ordered one from lego. I had more fun building this one than any of the others. I spent a solid 5 hours building it over the period of 3 or 4 days. It cost me roughly 215 with shipping, but I think it displays even better than the UCS x-wing. For as big and heavy as it is, it is sturdier than I expected. As far as detail I beleive they really nailed it on this one. All and all I wish I would've known they were going to put them in stores, I probably could've saved a few bucks via Ebay. I would think you could find one there and get it shipped for about 180 or so. Hope this helps.

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    I haven't got it but it looks like it's the best of all the E2 Legos, I'm really trying to find a way to get it, especially since it comes with 4 Clone Troopers and 2 Super Battle Droids.
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    i haven't picked it up as i'm waiting for later in the year so i can space my lego binges out a bit. its so expensive up here so its kinda been a deterrent. looks like a fun set to build, i just wonder where i'll put the darn thing
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Just noticed I gave you a review of the Tantive IV. Sometimes I wonder where my brain goes. I have the Republic gunship but I'm waiting until I have a place to display it before I put it together.

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    Thanks for the input... TANTIVE IV huh? I haven't see this set at retail in my part of the world yet and I have no doubt its the best looking set ever.
    Coming back to the Gunship. I have spotted one of the specialty shop here selling it at half its price but with the 4 Clonetroopers, 1 SBD and the Jedi removed from the set. However, the Destroyer Droid and 1 of its SBD is still in the set. You think this set is still cool without its minifigs?

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    I think it is

    I think the Rep. Gunship is cool without the mini-figs, personally. Heh- if you don't want that 1/2 price set, I'll take

    I like the ship a lot- it's pretty sturdy, but I don't know...

    You can order Hasbro's version that's bigger for $38.88 at it's not Lego, but yeah.

    I do recommend getting the Lego one even without the figs- it's a nifty piece

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    Talking Got it!

    You can see it here and also here.
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    Hi humsup, thanks for introducing me to this forum

    I feel the Republic Gunship is the arguably the best set for 2002...trying to get my hands on one, the half price set would do fine if it was still available.

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    Welcome jazz
    I'll check it out for you the next time I visit the shop again. But like I have mentioned before... they do "manufacture" the set if there are genuine buyer bcos they are ready to let me have an Imperial Shuttle for a knock down price too... but I hesitate as I already have too many white bricks.... I really need some grey ones - light or dark
    Hope you enjoy the stay here.


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