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    important question

    A while back in either 1984 or 85, i was put into the hospital for an asthma attack. I was only 6 yrs old. My mom went to the store and bought me my very first Star Wars comic by Marvel. I am lookin for this vey same comic now cause it had a great deal of meaning to me. The story was about Luke and his girlfriend (not mara jade). His girlfriend died in this story. This story happened right after ROTJ. Ive looked high and low and even through the internet. I just cn't find it. If anyone can help there will be much thanks.....
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    Read it here

    Perhaps you can at least find which one it ishere
    Most of the links are no good, but perhaps you can at least recognize the cover. Good Luck.
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    I think the girl would have been... dang! I thought I'd remember. And I don't really want to open all my comics to check. But issues #39-44 are the ESB adaptation, so don't check them, and #81 is the first post-ROJ story (I think), but I seem to recall Luke's girlfriend died sooner than that. Sorry; I am no help at all.
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    I've not read many of the Marvel comics myself, but from the reference stuff I have read, the name Tanith Shire is jumping out at me. Star Wars comics used to be a dime a dozen, so to speak, at flea markets and comic shops, but they've been a tad more expensive lately (though still not too pricey, I think). I don't know where in Georgia you are, but I'm sure Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, and the other large cities would have comic shops a-plenty. There's also a huge chain based in Charlotte, NC, called Heroes Aren't Hard to Find that might have branches in Georgia (if Charlotte's too far of a drive). They're often on the overpriced side, but they'll probably have what you're looking for.
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    In the story...

    ..were they flying TIE-fighters on a strike mission, and his girlfreind crashes into the side of a Star Destroyer? If so, I belive I have this issue.
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