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    Things that need clearing up.

    Just a few things that need clearing up.
    Will the republic be the Empire at the beginning of EpIII
    Will all the Jedi die during EpIII because don't forget Darth Vader helps the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi so does this meen that Ani becomes Vader in at the beginning of EpIII, and if he does kill the Jedi how will they go about it, does he kill them all indevidually or do the Empire kill them all in one go with some kind of large weapon or movement a bit like the arena sequence in EII. And also Luke and Liea have to be born and separated, Obi-Wan and Anakin have to dual, the Emperor has to revial himself as Sidious and tempt Anakin, Yoda has to go into hiding. Personally I don't see them being abled to fit it all in EpIII and alot will take place between the prequal and origional trilogys.

    Personally I think that Someone or something will blow up the Jedi temple, killing a large number of Jedi, some Jedi hide and Vader helps hunt them down, Windu gets killed in a dual with ani and that's about it, what do you think?
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    that sounds plausible, but i guess we'll have to wait and see, because i dont know how its gonna happen either.
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    It is hard to tell when and what is going to happen. ALot of us thought that that EPS 2 was going to happen during the CLone Wars, it didn't. The end of the movie was the very beggining of it.
    EPS 3 may have the same surprises. Georgie will make a movie in a section of the time that may not be what we expect it to be.
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    Yeah that's another thing, Obi-Wan has to become a general, Liea gets addopted by the Organas and C-3PO and R2-D2 have to have a story aswell.
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    From what I understand, there are about 10,000 Jedi spread out over the galaxy. They are hunted down by Vader and Boba Fett(I think). I think that will start sometime in Episode 3, but we won't see it all. The Jedi purge will end sometime between episodes.

    The Republic evloves into the Empire. Note the similarities in their symbols (there is a thread on that somewhere).

    Now, I did read a spoiler that GL said that this film will have some similarities to ESB. To be exact, there is a huge battle in the begining, and the story is "more personal" after that. I think this battle could give Obi-Wan his rank of General.

    I don't think Anakin/Vader will kill Mace Windu, but that's just my opinion.

    So, it looks like a bunch of stuff happens in the 18 years between Episode 3 and ANH. Plus, we miss 2-4 years of Clone Wars stuff that takes place between ATOC and and Episode 3.
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    Yea we will probably have to read about that in the "inbetweequel" novels.
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    Well GL is quoted saying that the CLone Wars will end at the beginning of EP3 so anything can happen I guess. I personally think that Dooku and Mace will fight to the death.

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    Here's my guess on who will kill who:

    Boba Fett kills Mace: revenge factor.
    Anakin takes out Dooku: Palpy has Anakin take Dooku's place by his side.
    Obi-Wan fights Anakin, we are lead to believe Anakin dies.
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    I think:
    biba kills Mace
    sidious kills dooku so anakin can be under his wing
    anakin fights obi wan

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    remember the emperor was going to kill vader so luke could be by his side


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