Haves -

B-Wing Minus Pilot (Loose)
Opee Minus Qui-Gon (Loose)
Sebulba's Pod Racer Minus Sebulba (Loose)
Queen's Royal Starship Minus Astromech Droid (Loose)
Kaadu Minus Jar Jar Binks (Loose)
Gungan Assault Cannon Minus Jar Jar Binks (Loose)
Fambaa Minus Gungan Warrior (Loose)
R2-D2 Playset/Carry Case Minus Droideka
Sith Speeder Minus Darth Maul (Loose)
STAP Minus Battle Droid (Loose)
Armored Scout Tank Minus Battle Droid (Loose)
Anakin's Podracer Minus Anakin (Loose)
Electronic Naboo Fighter Game Minus Anakin (Loose)
Dagobah Complete Galaxy Minus Yoda (Loose)
Cardboard Cantina Playset Minus Sandtrooper (Loose)
Tatooine Complete Galaxy Minus Luke Skywalker (Loose)
Millenium Falcon Gunner Station Minus Figures (Loose) x2
Ronto Minus Jawa (Loose)
Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon Minus Hoth Soldier (Loose)
Endor Complete Galaxy Minus Ewok (Loose)
Deathstar Complete Galaxy Minus Vader (Loose)
Vader TIE Fighter Gunner Station Minus Vader (Loose)
Jabba the Hutt Minus Han Solo (Loose)
All The F/X Figure Station Minus R2's (Loose with No Figures)
12" FX Vader vs Obi-Wan (MIB, Shelf Wear)
12" Barquin D'an (MIB)
12" Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles (MIB, Damaged Box)
12" C-3PO & R2-D2 Electronic Toys R Us Exclusives (Loose)
12" Han Solo in Carbonite Target Exclusive (Loose)
12" Chewbacca Over 13" Tall (MIB)
12" Sandtrooper and Dewback Toys R Us Exclusive (Loose)
12" Emperor Palpatine (MIB)
12" Electronic Emperor and Guard Target Exclusive (Loose)
12" Grand Moff Tarkin minus Droid (Loose)
12" Jawa (MIB)
12" Ponda Baba (MIB)
12" Princess Leia with Chain (MIB)
12" R5-D4 (Loose)
12" Snowtrooper with A Non-Firing Rifle (Loose)
12" Wicket the Ewok (Loose)
12" FAO Leia and R2-D2 w/o base...wooden stands included (Loose)
12" Anakin Skywalker (MIB)
12" Battle Droid (Loose)
12" OOM-9 (MIB)
12" Boss Nass (Loose)
12" Chancellor and Guard (MIB)
12" Darth Maul (Loose)
12" Darth Maul and Sith Speeder (Loose)
12" Jar Jar Binks (Loose)
12" Mace Windu (Loose)
12" Obi-Wan Kenobi (Loose)
12" Pit Droids (MIB)
12" Qui-Gon (Loose)
12" Qui-Gon in Poncho (MIB)
12" R2-A6 (Loose)
12" Sebulba (Loose)
12" Watto (MIB)
12" Electronic C-3PO minus tool (Loose)
12" Electronic Darth Maul (MIB)
12" Electronic Jar jar Binks (MIB)
12" Electronic Qui-Gon (Loose)
12" Electronic TC-14 (loose)
12" Queen Amidala, Black Travel Gown (loose)
12" Queen Amidala, Red Senate Gown (Loose)
12" Queen Amidala, Return to Naboo (Loose)
12" Defense of Naboo 2-Pak (MIB, Damaged Box)
12" Beautiful Braids Padme (Loose)
12" Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala (Loose)
12" Royal Elegance Queen Amidala (Loose)
12" Ultimate Hair Queen Amidala (Loose)
12" 4-LOM (Loose)
12" Bossk (Loose)
12" Captain Tarpals and Kaadu (Loose)
12" Masters Of The Darkside (Loose)
12" IG-88 (Loose)
12" 100th Luke (Loose)
Crap Load of Slides, CTC, Flashback Photos and Force Files...Send wants)


EU Grand Admiral Thrawn (Loose Complete)
EU Luke Skywalker (Loose Complete)
EU Princess Leia (Loose Complete)
FF Ree-Yees (Loose Complete, Does Not Have To Have Slide)
E1 Swimming Jar Jar (Loose Complete, Does Not Have To Have CTC)
E1 Naboo Royal Guard (Loose Complete, Does Not Have To Have CTC)
POTJ Darth Vader Emperor's Wraith (MOC)
POTJ Han Solo Death Star Escape (MOC)
POTJ Luke Skywalker X-Wing (MOC)
POTJ Obi-Wan Jedi Training Gear (MOC)
POTJ Shmi Skywalker (MOC)
Jedi Spirits 3-Pak
All 3 Max Rebo Band Pairs
Cantina Showdown 3-Pak
Purchase of the Droids 3-Pak
Death Star Escape 3-Pak
Mynock Hunt 3-Pak
Final Jedi Duel 3-Pak
Jabba's Dancers 3-Pak
All 4 Leia 2-Paks
Both SOTE 2-Paks
Final Lightsaber Duel 2-Pak
Watto's Box 3-Pak
3 3/4" Masters Of The Darkside 2-Pak
GC Probe Droid
MMC Bespin Han Solo
MMC Chewbacca
MMC Luke Endor
MMC Leia Endor
MMC Snowtrooper
F/X R2-D2
Walmart Exclusive Light Up Qui-Gon 3 3/4" Figure
Imperial Speeder Bike with Biker Scout
Han Solo with Smuggler's Flight Pack
Luke Skywalker with Desert Sport Skiff
Stormtrooper with Crowd Control Pack
A-wing With Pilot
Boba Fett with Rocket Blast Pack
Both Figures From The "Escape The Death Star" Game
Millenium Falcon CD-ROM Playset
Han And Tauntaun 3 3/4"
Cardboard Jabba's Palace (MIB)
Imperial Scanning Crew Tech
Rancor With Luke
Tatooine SKiff with Luke
Luke And Tauntaun 3 3/4"
Luke And Wampa 3 3/4"
Luke With Speederbike
Leia With Speederbike
Y-Wing With Pilot
Dewback and Sandtrooper 3 3/4"
Snowtrooper and E-Web
Bantha with Tusken
Wedge From The Falcon Case (Correct Helmet)
SOTE Swoop With Trooper
EU Airspeeder with Pilot
EU Cloud Car With Pilot
EU Rebel Speeder With Pilot
E1 Jabba With Announcer
E1 Version of The STAP with Droid
Theed Generator Complex with Battle Droid
Theed Hangar with Battle Droid and Qui-Gon
Sith Attack Speeder With Maul
Sith Speeder Hand Held Game With Maul
Gungan Scout Sub with Obi-Wan
Eopie with Qui-Gon
Carbon Freezing Chamber with Security Guard
TIE Interceptor with Pilot
B'Omarr Monk

And I am looking for several Transformers : Beast Machines and Beast Wars

Pls Make Offers at Spyder22678@houston.rr.com....and ty for looking