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    The last POTF figure I saw on the pegs was a Barada with its bubble opened and weapon removed, for (gasp!) $4.99 at a Thrify Drugs. I never bought it (hey, it was "broken" you know), and I regret it (see "Any Regrets?" thread). I also remember an ad for SW figures at $.99 from some discount store, mainly ROJ ones. 'Doh!
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    I remember was a ROTJ Jedi Luke Skywalker. I believe we were at K-Mart. I hadn't really been too into collecting back then (I was only 10)! Anyway, I spent what seemed like a hour holding it, praying that my parents would buy it for me. Mom was in a generous mood :-)

    As soon as we got out to the car I RIPPED that sucker open!!!
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    A-Wing Pilot and Imperial Gunner. They came with the coins. I don't remember the store, but I remember we were on vacation and I had never seen any of the last line before, so I was excited and my mom broke down and bought me a couple. I do remember having to weedle the choice down to two and thinking about all the figures I had to leave behind...

    But soon after I was deeply transfixed with Transformers and skipped on the Star Wars figs when i saw them (kicking myself right now)
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    My last vintage figure was the mail-away Anakin. I didn't get any of the POTF because I think I moved on to G.I. Joe at that point.


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