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    Star Pics and Cereal Pens for Trade

    I am down to my last two Starpics. I need the following.

    Green Padme
    Blue Jango

    I have to trade the following.

    Star Pics
    4x Green Yoda
    1x Green Dooku
    1x Green Windu

    1x Blue Yoda

    1x Purple Yoda
    1x Purple Dooku
    1x Purple C3PO

    2x Red Yoda
    1x Red Obi-Wan
    1x Red Dooku
    1x Red Windu

    Cereal Pens
    3x Windu
    1x Dooku

    Send me an email at I have trading references if requested.
    Please visit for toy and collectibles news.

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    Sent you mail.


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